SPARTAN. An Epic 2d Platformer Powered by UE4

King Leo kicks platforming back to the arcades!

Sparta, 500 BC. The city-state’s weapons, armor and gold have mysteriously vanished. Magical portals begin to appear throughout ancient Greece. As a king and the world’s most fearsome warrior, Leonidas sets out to discover who is behind the threat, and recover everything that was stolen. You, are King Leo. And your aim is to make whoever is responsible and whatever stands in your way, rue the day they crossed your path.

Block, stomp, run, jump, fall, climb, cling, push, spring & slice your way to victory. Outsmart intelligent enemies, tread carefully through obstacles and use your wits to defeat bosses in epic battles.

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First ever Unreal Engine 4 Paper2D game for consoles.

Hyper smooth 2D physics based mesh animations.

Crisp and detailed handcrafted art.

Memorable atmospheric soundtrack with ethnic overtones.

Fun, intelligent and reactive enemies.

Use your wits to defeat bosses in epic battles.

4 distinct worlds located in the land of Hellenes.

24 challenging levels. Tough, but fair!

20+ hours of gameplay. 

pixel-perfect controls

Open Level Design (choose your own path!)


your turn!  Available now.

20+ Hours of Gameplay. Non-linear Levels. Pixel-perfect controls.

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