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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Spartan a family friendly game?

Yes it is!

Spartan was designed in such a way that first generation gamers would have a blast revisiting something that reminds them their childhood while on the same time their kids could join in and get a taste of the time where video games where quite challenging !

Does the Steam (PC) version of the game support gamepads?

Absolutely !

Bring along your favorite gamepad and it will work right of the box.

But if you still enjoy the old fashioned keyboard you could keep the default key mappings or rearrange everything to your liking !



Is the Nintendo Switch version comparable with the PS4 and PC version?

100% !

We worked really hard in order to make Spartan run at 720p on handheld mode and 1080p on docked mode @60Hz without any compromise graphics wise compared to the (a lot) more powerful PS4 and PC hardware.

And it is so much fun to be able to take King Leo with you on your backpack…!

Are you really using the Unreal Engine 4 for Spartan?

Yes we are and there is a reason for it !

Spartan is a full 3d game that uses UE4’s paper2d plugin in order to “trick” you in thinking that it is a 2d game.

That allows us to use the full power of this phenomenal engine to our advantage!

1)Real time mesh deforms in order to create those hyper smooth animations.

2)Spartan is a physics based platformer that uses a CPU PhysX version in order to create a more “realistic” and “weighted” world.

3)Full use of particle systems and emitters …

Plus countless other things that a “traditional” 2d engine would never be able to do. 

So, yes! Spartan is true to our motto as a studio.

“Old school meets new technology” !


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